Work in Progress

dreamstime_7726999I enjoy writing.  It is one of the ways I become acquainted with the truth and the lies that live in me. For this reason, there is always a book manuscript wandering my mind searching for a way out. As Nancy and I thought about reconstructing our website, an idea came to me.  Why don’t I share with my friends the drafts of the various chapters of the current book I am writing? Perhaps, just perhaps, they might find it helpful for their spiritual lives, and knowing some of you are peering at the Work In Progress would help motivate me to keep writing.

And so I envision a supportive experience in which I am sharing my creative impulse with you, and knowing you are there keeps me writing. I don’t want to inflict upon you a pure rough draft, but a working draft would probably be helpful.

Dear friend, check into the Work In Progress every week or so. Whenever there is a new chapter, I will create a new web page for its content. Eventually, a complete book manuscript will evolve that will need another rewrite (this is how I write a book), but you will have the basic content of what will one day be published. Are you willing to participate in such an endeavor?  I hope so. And if you have any comments about the work, just email me. Many blessings.

In Love I Journey With You,

Jim Rosemergy

Life: A Book About Learning to Live

Click on a link below to read any part of this work in progress.

Secret Giving
Starry Nights

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