Two Dangerous Men, Two Peaceful Words

Two Dangerous Men

Two Peaceful Words

Two massive egos have found each other, and it is not love at first sight.

Jim Rosemergy

Grant that I may not so much seek…to be understood as to understand.

St. Francis of Assisi

The Duelists

 The two most dangerous men on earth have found each other—Kim Jong Un and Donald Trump—both men with massive egos dueling one another. Currently, their weapon of choice is words. Like duelists of old, they stand back to back hurling their salvos of threatening rhetoric with no pause to face and listen to one another, no attempt to understand one another.

We appear to be helpless bystanders, but the truth is we have work to do. However, before the work begins, first let us consider the long, dark history of conflict and how it has repeated itself age after age for thousands of years.

-First there is name-calling

-Next intimidation

-Followed by demonizing

As you can see, thoughts and words are first hurled at one another and then projectiles, once rocks, spears, arrows, bullets and cannon balls, now rockets tipped not with stone, but weapons that can vaporize stone.

Take note! Never in the history of the world has this progression of thought to words to projectiles ever worked. The evidence is simple to see; we are still in conflict with one another! Generation after generation attempts to break through and succeed in bringing peace through war. Are we ready for a new way of trying to resolve our differences?

Face to Face

A basic principle stands ready to be put to the test, something old, and something new. It is old because St. Francis declared it long ago in his famous prayer when he put into words his soul’s desire, “not to be understood, but to understand.”

Wars will never cease until the dueling consciousness ends. Two men with raised guns standing back to back say it all. Only when they turn to face one other with empty hands and open minds willing to understand will there ever be peace.

Each must ask a blasphemous question. What do you want? Why do you do the things you do? What does Kim Jong Un want? Why does he do what he does? What do the terrorists want? Why do they do what they do? We think we know, but do we?

Notice on this march to peace, there is no attempt to have the other person understand us. This will come, but it is each person’s responsibility to seek to understand. If our nation could lead the world in this approach to international relationships, we would give the greatest gift ever given by a nation to the inhabitants of planet Earth.

We the people have difficult, challenging work to do, and it is the only work that works. Together, steadily and with great resolve, we must build a worldwide consciousness not to be understood, but to understand.

Global Problems Require

A Global Response 

The nearly continuous conflict experienced by humanity during its tenure on earth is a global problem that requires a global response. Thus far, the leaders of the nations of the world persist in the name-calling, intimidation, demonizing and war. They lack creativity and the courage to try a new way; a way that I declare takes as much if not more courage than those who face one another on the battlefield.

Imagine the duel is underway. Your weapon is raised and your back is to your opponent. The command to turn and fire is given. You turn to face your enemy, and there is no weapon in your hand. You are armed with two words filled with the potential for peace—To Understand. This is courage, my friends. Courage the world has seldom seen.

What If?

We now have the means to unite the world in an effort that reveals to each global leader the courage and resolve of the people not only of their nation, but also of the world. Through the Internet, billions of people can unite. For the first time in history, we have the means to think, speak and act as one and as citizens of the world.

What if there was a global work stoppage? No one other than first responders and those who serve others goes to work. Someone smarter than I would need to determine the critical work that must be done, but all else would cease.

It would be the first pause in human history. We would pray, chant, intone, meditate or think two peaceful words—To Understand.

There are great powers on our planet and in the cosmos, but nothing is greater than the One Mind unified with a divine purpose—To Understand. I believe the leaders of the world would feel this power.

Two dangerous men have found one another, but what if we whispered in their ears—not to be understood, but to understand? I ask you, “How deafening is the sound of the united minds and voices of billions of citizens of the world?”




  1. I so agree, Jim. I am choosing to use this in my life, first of all in my family.
    I don’t know how to get these words to the president, however.
    Perhaps the work stoppage would get his attention

  2. This is the first president that is trying to enlist all world leaders to try to convince the North Korean tyrant to give up his aggresive behavior. The prior administration ignored him for eight years when it was feasible to stop this suicidal march. Trump may have a large ego, but,I would not put him in the same dark place with Kim Jong Un. I know that history bears out what you are saying, but maybe the God spirit & wisdom within Mr. Trump will produce a different result.

  3. WOW..COULD WORK..NEED 2 POWERFUL “Religious leaders..the POPE & ???

  4. WOW..COULD WORK..NEED 2 POWERFUL “Religious leaders..the POPE & ???

  5. Downsizing the ego is the greatest neutralizer that can make two dueling souls to do simple yet seemingly impossible things as to tune in to face each other and tune in ‘to understand’ and not to be understood initially.

    Good and instructive piece! Thank you, Jim. <3

  6. Interesting

  7. Judith Light-Baker

    Thank you, Jim. The Elders might be a mechanism for something similar to what you suggest. In case you aren’t familiar with them:
    Would you consider approaching them? I’m sure I’m not important enough on the planet to elicit a response. But, I’d be willing to support you, as would thousands of others I’m sure, if you wanted to draft a proposal and present it to them.

    • Hi Judith, I clicked on the link you suggested. Sounds promising; however, I did not see a way to contact them. Do you know of a way? Any suggestions as to the content of the draft proposal? Is there a form to be used or copies of my blog, etc.? Thanks, Jim

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