Maybe, Just Maybe

Maybe, Just Maybe

Maybe, just maybe, sound government is returning.

Congressional Culture and Constitutional Treason

In this blog, I have stressed my concern about many issues. Two are foremost in my mind today. The first is the Congressional culture obsessed with the need to post wins for a political party or for the president. Our way of governance is for the American people to win, not a political party or the individual who serves as president. We, the people, need to change the rhetoric. Winning needs a new context—not parties or presidents, but we, the people.

Beginning today, let us speak not of parties or presidents winning, but of Americans winning. And what is it to win? Since we are a people of laws, winning means to benefit from legislation that serves the vast majority of Americans. Take a look at one of my first blogs, “Knowing When to Celebrate,” that explores in some detail the idea of “winning.”

Let us call out the media who supports this failed Congressional culture as well as the legislators who keep track of their wins. We expect a greater vision from them. We, the media and our political leaders must stop talking about political wins and start talking about legislation that serves the people.

The second concern is ongoing Constitutional Treason. (Take a look at this link to the blog, “New Blood in Our Veins” where I introduced and explained the idea of Constitutional Treason. My steady drumbeat is that the founding fathers conceived a new form of government not through compromise, but through creativity. Opposing viewpoints merged and created something new. The Constitution with its three branches of government and two houses of Congress cry out for creativity—the merging of differing ideas that creates something new.

Constitutional Treason is committed when opposing ideas are ignored or put aside. Senator McConnell has committed this treason against the central foundation of the Constitution. In the rush for wins, the ideas of the Democratic Party were dismissed. May he as the majority leader of the Senate remember the vision of the founding fathers and the basic structure of the Constitution. There is a price to pay for Constitutional Treason: the lack of ideas, failed legislation and a failure to serve the people.

Home of the Brave

Recently, three Republican senators restored my belief that our nation is the home of the brave. These elected officials and in particular, Senator McCain, asked that congressional leadership engage once more in an inclusive legislative process that includes committee work, hearings, consultation with experts, budget reports, etc.

These are my words, but essentially, our three brave senators asked for a change of Congressional Culture and that Constitutional Treason no longer be a practice of either political party.

My hope is that the Republican Party does not simply move on to other considerations and leave the improvement of the Affordable Care Act behind. Everyone seems to agree that it can be improved, so let everyone contribute to its improvement, and there will be a win for the American people.

The Greatest Win

Not only will there be a win for us, but something greater will occur. The culture of Congress will begin to change if we insist on different rhetoric and encourage and elect people to Congress who understand the vision of our founding fathers. Constitutional Treason will be a thing of the past. Leaders will emerge who insist upon creativity, not just compromise, for compromise sows the seeds of more conflict and a return to partisan politics. Our elected representatives are then unable to fulfill their work of producing one winning season after another for the American people.


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