Inner Journey Welcome

Rev. Jim Rosemergy and Nany Rosemergy of Inner Journey

Rev. Jim Rosemergy and Nany Rosemergy of Inner Journey

Welcome from Jim and Nancy

Welcome to Inner Journey. Our spiritual path is mystical in nature, for we seek to live our lives from a consciousness of oneness with God. Prayer and meditation are tools with which we explore the kingdom of God and the implications of Jesus’ teachings. We practice the presence of God and have discovered that mystical Christianity is practical and purposeful.

Please prayerfully consider joining us on the inner journey. It is good for us to dwell together in unity. It is a paradox that the inner journey is an individual path we can walk together.

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More than a promise
Inner Journey marks its beginning as September 1, 1986 when work began on the book, Living the Mystical Life Today. The realization that came was that everyday people like you and me were now ready to put to the test the practices and principles of the mystical way of life. For centuries, this approach to life was cloistered and in most cases only monks explored this way of life.

Now is the time when tens of thousands if not millions of us are becoming aware of the deepest hunger of our souls — to live life from a consciousness of oneness with God.

We found this promise in a verse in the Bible, Mt. 6:33.  “… seek first the kingdom and its righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you.” Imagine living a life dedicated to Spirit and having all the things that used to compel you naturally flowing to you. We have found this to be more than a promise; it is the truth, the way life can be lived. Join us.

Our Mission
Exploring and Living the Mystical Life.

Our Commitment
Is to a life of prayer. To let a consciousness of God be the beginning of every thought, feeling, and action.

Our Rememberance
Awareness of God is the answer. Meekness, humility, and gentleness are Spirit’s way.

Our Joy
To explore the kingdom of God. To live a simple life of service. To journey in love with you.

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