Gatherings of the Few: A Guide to Global Spiritual Awakening

Gatherings of the Few, A Guide to Global Spiritual Awakening is an invitation to those concerned about the future of humanity and our celestial home, Earth. First, the book reveals the way of individual spiritual awakening and then explores little-known spiritual principles enabling us to be changed “in the twinkling of an eye.” The promise is that it only takes a few of us to reach the critical mass required to ignite a global spiritual awakening.

The lofty ideals in the book are grounded by practical exercises allowing us to experience spiritual insights and find the balance between our humanity and our spiritual identity. A foundation is laid for the formation of Gatherings of the Few and their vital, steadfast work of creating peaceful uprisings that lift us to our rightful place in the cosmos.

Do you sometimes ask, what can I do to make a difference? Do you wonder if your life has value? I assure you, your life, how you live it, and what you do is important. The invitation is in your hand. Do you want to be one of “the few”?

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