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You Can’t Yell Fire, But You Can Yell Hate

You Can’t Yell Fire, But You Can Yell Hate Fire! Fire!  The first Amendment to the Constitution granted us free speech. The question is how far reaching is this constitutional gift. You can certainly think whatever you want to think, but can you say whatever you want to say? I think not…there are laws that declare you cannot yell fire in a theater just to see people scramble for the exits. I suppose the thinking is that people could be … Continue reading

Not Goin’ Back To The Plantation

Not Going Back To The Plantation I have not spoken directly in opposition to the president, but Charlottesville was my turning point. The lack of fitness of Mr. Trump for the presidency and for national leadership is now evident. There is an acute lack of understanding of the history of our country. Perhaps it is because of his gilded past, but I refuse to make excuses for him. A president must know… There were not two groups of violent people … Continue reading

When Will We Ever Learn?

When Will We Ever Learn? There is a song by Pete Seeger and Joe Hickerson entitled, “Where Have All The Flowers Gone.” In the song there is a lyric for today, “When will they ever learn, when will they ever learn?” Day by day it is becoming increasingly apparent that we have not learned. You would think after 1000’s of years, we would have learned that war is not the answer to conflict between tribes and countries, but we have … Continue reading

How To Shake Up Washington

How to Shake Up Washington “These are the times that try men’s souls.” Thomas Paine Author of “Common Sense” 1776 The Big One I say, “Let’s shake up Washington.” You answer, “Jim, it’s already shaking. Have you been to Washington lately? It’s an earthquake zone.” True, there are seismic shock waves emanating from the Capitol, and they are radiating outward to the country and the world, but an earthquake can be either—things falling apart, or things shaking together. Our political … Continue reading

Maybe, Just Maybe

Maybe, Just Maybe Maybe, just maybe, sound government is returning. Congressional Culture and Constitutional Treason In this blog, I have stressed my concern about many issues. Two are foremost in my mind today. The first is the Congressional culture obsessed with the need to post wins for a political party or for the president. Our way of governance is for the American people to win, not a political party or the individual who serves as president. We, the people, need … Continue reading