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The 4th Way

The 4th Way “What you do speaks so loudly that I cannot hear what you say.” So says Ralph Waldo Emerson. What are we to think of America when we say we are a peaceful nation, but global reports reveal we export more weapons than any country on earth? Some say it is evidence of our desire for peace. It is our way of bringing peace to the world, a balance of power where hopefully a teetering peace will not … Continue reading

The Return to Respect

The Return of Respect and A Pledge of Civility Assuming Our Responsibility It is time for the American people to return to respect, but the early days of this journey will jar us and shake us and cause us to see what we have done. The tendency is to blame our leaders for the lack of civility. Their words are like fists that strike blows and wedges that separate us one from another. However, no one walks up the steps … Continue reading

Define Great

Define Great Greatness and Goodness  I hear people say, “Make America great again.” I see the words written on baseball caps. I have questions about this slogan. How does a country become great? Can it lose its greatness, and if it does lose its greatness, how does it happen? Do the people of the country fall on hard times, or do the people and its leaders betray some value or foundation principle that initially gave the nation life? Did the … Continue reading

“Common Destiny”

“Common Destiny” With the president’s decision to withdraw from the Paris Agreement on climate change, I am seeing many of my friends in conflict with one another or at least on opposite sides of the issue. From my perspective, I see that their priorities are different. This is the root of the disagreement. For those who support the Paris Agreement, the issue is the well-being of the earth and peering into the future—the well-being of the human family. For those … Continue reading

A Future Memorial Day, To Honor the Dead

A Future Memorial Day To Honor The Dead I long for a memorial day like none I have ever experienced before. On Sunday evening, Nancy, my wife, and my granddaughter and I attended a Memorial Day service on the shores of the Caloosahatchee River that slowly flows by Fort Myers on its way to the Gulf of Mexico. There was a helicopter fly over, a flag ceremony, a rifle salute and beautiful music. The speakers honored the dead with a … Continue reading