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Co-conspirators In Las Vegas

Co-conspirators In Las Vegas Whenever there is an act of domestic terror in the United States, gun advocates defend the 2nd Amendment, when in truth, the issue is not the 2nd Amendment; it is the blatant fact that people are dying. Jim Rosemergy What’s Our Threshold? Recently in Las Vegas, another record was set for deaths in a mass shooting—58 dead with over 500 wounded. I wonder if there is a threshold of the number killed that we must reach … Continue reading

Two Dangerous Men, Two Peaceful Words

Two Dangerous Men Two Peaceful Words Two massive egos have found each other, and it is not love at first sight. Jim Rosemergy Grant that I may not so much seek…to be understood as to understand. St. Francis of Assisi The Duelists  The two most dangerous men on earth have found each other—Kim Jong Un and Donald Trump—both men with massive egos dueling one another. Currently, their weapon of choice is words. Like duelists of old, they stand back to … Continue reading

Called To Do Great Things

Called To Do Great Things The Grand Adventure Nancy and I are nearing the thirty-day mark of our Grand Adventure, traveling the eastern seaboard of America exploring our nation’s early beginnings. We are letting the beauty of the earth and the colors of autumn fill our souls. We have been to Jamestown, the early settlement of English adventurers in the New World. We have stood outside George Washington’s bedroom in Mt. Vernon and gazed at the bed where the first … Continue reading

“It’s Deja Vu All Over Again”

“It’s Déjà Vu All Over Again”  It’s déjà vu all over again. Yogi Berra On the day I write this blog to you, I stood on Duke of Gloucester Street in Colonial Williamsburg and felt the initial stirring of the American Revolution. Eighty-eight original buildings restored and brimming with our history asked me to never forget the idealism and principles that gave birth to our nation. I sat in Bruton Parish Church in the pew where Patrick Henry sat and … Continue reading

You Can’t Yell Fire, But You Can Yell Hate

You Can’t Yell Fire, But You Can Yell Hate Fire! Fire!  The first Amendment to the Constitution granted us free speech. The question is how far reaching is this constitutional gift. You can certainly think whatever you want to think, but can you say whatever you want to say? I think not…there are laws that declare you cannot yell fire in a theater just to see people scramble for the exits. I suppose the thinking is that people could be … Continue reading