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A Fire Is Burning

A Fire Is Burning What Is Santa Trying To Tell Us? Santa Claus is comin’ to town. Tax cuts for everyone for Christmas. Tax cuts for the low and middle classes that expire in 2025. Tax cuts for the wealthy that never expire. What is Santa trying to tell us? Does Santa love one segment of society more than another? Corporate tax rates go from 35% to 21%. Businesses are excited, and their anticipation of the tax bill fueled the … Continue reading

American Greatness, A Reality Check

American Greatness A Reality Check When we get real, we can become real. Jim Rosemergy  Get Real Growth and the expression of our potential require integrity; we have to get real. It requires self-awareness and an acknowledgment of our weaknesses and mistakes. Stagnation results when we fail to examine our lives and state of being. Believing in our infallibility and greatness assures us of failure and deterioration. It won’t get better. It’ll get worse, but when we get real, we … Continue reading

Lookin’ For A New Kind Of Hero

Lookin’ For A Special Kind of Hero No Need For A Cape  I am looking for a special kind of hero, not a super hero or someone who wears a cape; I am looking for someone courageous enough to risk his or her political career by saying and doing the right thing. America is the home of the brave. Many of our citizens are brave, but many of our political leaders are not. They lack the consistency that comes from … Continue reading

Where Is The Peace?

Where Is The Peace? There is no peace in the world; peace is in me. Jim Rosemergy Recently a subscriber to the FOR THE PEOPLE blog asked that I share some thoughts of how to find peace in today’s world, a world erupting with hate and divisiveness. These are disturbing times, times as it has been written “that try men’s souls.” If you are like me, you have experienced myriad feelings of disbelief, anger, helplessness and hopelessness. I have asked … Continue reading

Co-conspirators In Las Vegas

Co-conspirators In Las Vegas Whenever there is an act of domestic terror in the United States, gun advocates defend the 2nd Amendment, when in truth, the issue is not the 2nd Amendment; it is the blatant fact that people are dying. Jim Rosemergy What’s Our Threshold? Recently in Las Vegas, another record was set for deaths in a mass shooting—58 dead with over 500 wounded. I wonder if there is a threshold of the number killed that we must reach … Continue reading