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The GatheringThe Gathering: A 40-Day Guide to the Power of Group and Personal Prayer
Prayer is a challenge for many of us. What should we ask of God? Is anyone listening? Why aren’t our prayers being answered? The hard truth is this: God doesn’t fulfill needs. For thousands of years, humanity has brought needs to God with little success, often resulting in disillusionment. Now is the time to try something new: A nine-step prayer practice called The Gathering.

The Gathering will lead you to the avenues through which God’s power and presence can be expressed. You’ll see that prayer isn’t something you do; rather, it’s an experience of God’s presence. Author Jim Rosemergy has seen thousands truly connect with God and transform their lives through prayer. The Gathering is divinely inspired.

A Closer Walk With GodA Closer Walk With God
Discover the purpose of prayer, and why the the most ideal name for prayer is silence. Learn to utilize affirmations and denials as a lifting wind rather than as consciousness conditioners. Begin to see “The Lord’s Prayer” as more than words to be uttered.

Join me in A CLOSER WALK WITH GOD and acknowledge that although we walk hand in hand, we also rest in the palm of “God’s hand.” Perhaps, we will call one another friend, but let us also be like Abraham and call God our Friend.

A Daily Guide to Spiritual LivingA Daily Guide to Spiritual Living
As we develop on our life’s journey toward wholeness, every human being feels a yearning inside for freedom and fulfillment. Initially, each of us yearns to live life free from worldly concerns. Next, we seek the respect and love of family members and associates. Then we begin to think of making a contribution to the world. These urges compel us to seek their fulfillment, and on occasion, we succeed. However, there is a greater desire, the desire for a life that includes love of others, service, and freedom from worldly concern. It is a desire to live a spiritual life, a life centered in God.

A Recent RevelationA Recent Revelation
A Recent Revelation
was my first book. Originally, it appeared as a highly popular series of articles in Unity Magazine. At the conclusion of the series, Tom Witherspoon, Unity’s chief editor, said he thought the articles could become a book, but that additional chapters or articles would need to be written. I wrote four more chapters and, although they never appeared in Unity Magazine, they became an integral part of A Recent Revelation.

An Autobiography of a Christian Heretic
An Autobiography of a Christian Heretic explores the spiritual journey of Jim Rosemergy. Jim shares events and circumstances, but the book is not about what happened to him, but what happened in him as his spiritual life developed. His sense of wonder and curiosity and allegiance to silence and mystery took him into the darkness of his soul, where he discovered the sacredness of his humanity and the depth of his spirituality.

With eyes opened by the darkness and a willingness to be still, he explored the mystics and discovered the role love plays in the contemplative life. As Jim was writing the book, he discovered that he lives his life by giving allegiance to silence, consciousness, mystery and service.

Attaining the Unattainable: The Will of GodAttaining the Unattainable: The Will of God
How can you attain something that is unattainable? Logic tells us this is impossible, yet Jim Rosemergy, former Executive Vice President of the Unity School of Christianity, ordained Unity minister and author of over 10 books, believes otherwise. The unattainable he is referring to here has caused conflict throughout the world since the beginning of time – God’s will.

Even Mystics Have Bills to PayEven Mystics Have Bills to Pay
The work ethic used to work. It served past generations well. They made the ends meet. “Work hard and you’ll get ahead.” Effort alone prospered many families, but not anymore. People who once prospered are now homeless. More and more children are living below the poverty level. Industries that once supported successive generations are shutting down. Throughout most of the twentieth century, one person in the household worked and provided for the needs of the family. Now both husband and wife often work to insure a basic standard of living.

Teacher’s Guide for Even Mystics Have Bills to Pay ($20)

How To Be A Wick In God’s CandleHow To Be A Wick In God’s Candle

How To Be A Wick In God’s Candle was written to help caring, compassionate people who believe in the power of prayer. For thousands of years we have prayed for one another. The march of progress through science has touched nearly every area of human experience; however, we tend to pray for one another as we have for thousands of years. We ask God to act.

The final section of the book contains exercises and questions to help the reader make the foundation principles of how to be a wick in God’s candle become deeply rooted in the soul. Imagine a world where people are committed to being wicks in God’s candle. Perhaps this would be our prayer: United with the human family and living in conscious oneness with God, I am a wick in God’s candle radiating light to the world. In this moment, the wicks of the world unite and earth is ablaze with God’s goodness and light.

Living the Mystical Life Today
Living the Mystical Life TodayLiving the Mystical Life Today is a call to people who yearn to live consciously, to live ordinary lives made extraordinary because they are aware of the presence of God in which they live and move and have their being. Imagine facing the challenges of life by following six practical steps rooted in the mystical tradition.

Living the Mystical Life Today can be read in a few hours, but it is a companion for a lifetime.

Prints in 3-5 business days

Order Living the Mystical Life Today now

The Prayer That God PraysThe Prayer That God Prays
Questions are a good beginning. They often challenge us to think and live in new ways. Sometimes another person poses the query. At other times, we ask the question, and, at still other times, the question seems to have a divine origin. It rises in our minds like a flower born in the forest where no flowers have bloomed before. The questions to follow are delicate, tender flowers blooming in the shadows of a forest of beliefs held by humanity for thousands of years.

What if the focus of prayer is not the world and our earthly needs and concerns? Could the purpose of our prayers be to prepare us to hear the prayer God prays?

The Quest for MeaningThe Quest for Meaning: Living a Life of Purpose
To Dance With the Question Why?
It started long ago, when our species first achieved consciousness. A distant kinsman awakened — I am. This uneducated forerunner of the human species must have grasped what Rene’ Descartes came to realize: “Cogito, ergo sum; I think, therefore I am.” With self-consciousness came a question. I am, but what am I?

Each culture has answered this question through its myths, oral traditions, and eventually through its sacred literature. Simply stated, we named ourselves. We are human beings, we are spiritual beings, we are children of the sun, people of the High Place, and so on. Individuality, of course, required a personal name: I am Jim or I am Soars Like an Eagle or I am Friend of the Wind or I am Mary. We named ourselves, knowing that words do not adequately describe what we are.

Then another question came, far reaching and powerful in its possibilities, a question that each of us asks, usually in the night — Why am I?

The Sacred HumanThe Sacred Human
The Sacred Human explores the role of our humanity in the expression of our divinity.

Humanity has an awesome potential. We are made of the star stuff and in the image of our Creator. Our capacity for compassion and love is beyond imagining. Then why are we not expressing all that we can be? Why is our divinity still locked inside us as an “imprisoned splendor?”

The reason for many of us is that we are unwilling to accept our humanity. We consider parts of us unwholesome and unworthy of a place in our lives or the world. We try to hide our hurts and end up imprisoning our divinity.

The SeekerThe Seeker: A Boy In Search Of His Name

The Seeker: A Boy In Search Of His Name is an epic journey of self-discovery set in Israel during Jesus’ time.

The reader joins the journey 12 years after the seeker’s tragic birth, when his mother dies in childbirth and his grief-stricken father refuses to hold his son and flees into the desert to die.

The Third ComingThe Third Coming
The Third Coming started with a premise. If something is truly spiritual, it must be a part of every spiritual way of life. It cannot be the sole claim of a single religion. In fact, spiritual truths transcend religions. This must be true for the second coming. And so the investigation began, and the author found that the second coming is part of many spiritual disciplines and religions. The author’s explorations led him to the common ground that Buddha, Moses, Mohammed, and Jesus trod. Standing on this sacred ground has changed his life. From this vista, he has seen the pathway leading to individual and global spiritual awakening. The Third Coming chronicles the journey to the common ground.

Teacher’s Guide for The Third Coming ($20)

The Transcendent LifeThe Transcendent Life
The transcendent life, the humble life, is hard because we make it hard. We hold on when the way to a new life is letting go. The things, experiences, and life that are truly ours come because we let go. Loving relationships come when we forget ourselves. We are lifted up by making ourselves small. It is in this way that we come to understand the true nature of power.

These are a few of the things I learned and put to the test. Putting principles to the test is the key because what I really learned was that ideas are not real until they are lived. The Transcendent Life was written with this in mind. There are powerful ideas within its pages, but there is also a section of the book titled “A Forty Day Guide to The Transcendent Life.” I suggest you read and put to the test the exercises of each day. The basic message of this concluding section of The Transcendent Life is that the humble life is not principles and ideas. It is life, a life you are destined to live.

The Watcher

Newly Released! The Watcher in paperback
Every page of The Watcher invites the reader into a world of reflection and contemplation that can lead to spiritual awakening.

As the Watcher, a woman made blind so she might see, speaks the message she is called to speak, the reader discovers truths that support our closer walk with God.

She teaches us the language of the heart. She speaks to soldiers before battle, a woman who has just given birth, a banker, a prisoner, two doctors, a farmer, a professor, a man afraid to die and more. In each instance, the wisdom shared is wisdom for the ages, insights that support our spiritual journey. Listen carefully and perhaps you will hear the Watcher speaking to you.

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