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What is Inner Journey and when did it begin?
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On the evening of September 1, 1986, I felt guided to write. As I began writing what was to become the book Living the Mystical Life Today, an insight filled my mind. In cloistered monasteries and secluded places of worship and study, spiritual truths had been discovered by those who breathed the rarefied air of prayer. In ancient times, only a few individuals were prepared to live the principles of a mystical life. However, the knowledge of this simple way of life has been preserved. In the past, individuals ventured forth to determine humankind’s willingness to live this special way of life and discovered that as a race of beings we were not ready. The revelation of September was this: the people of the world are now ready to live the simple life of prayer, meekness, and humility.

Inner Journey is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to spiritual education. Actually, it is much more. Inner Journey is people who call ourselves friends of God. We are committed to exploring and living the mystical life of conscious oneness with God.

There is a well-spring of knowledge and experience that stretches back through time for thousands of years. Through revelation today and the study and exploration of those who have gone before us, we seek to live the simple life of prayer, meekness, and humility.

Rev. Jim Rosemergy and Nancy Rosemergy of Inner Journey

Rev. Jim Rosemergy and Nancy Rosemergy
of Inner Journey

What is one of the central teachings of Inner Journey?
Our most basic teaching is that life, as it is meant to be, is a consciousness of God. When we have problems, we do not believe that the challenge is the real issue. The real problem is that we have lost our sense of the Presence, so the question is, are we willing to awaken to the presence and power of God? Therefore, we say that a consciousness of God is always the answer.

This idea is in unity with Jesus’ statement, “…seek first his kingdom…and all these things shall be yours as well” (Mt. 6:33). We have decided to put this principle to the test. In doing so, we have not denied the earthly life; we have assigned it its proper place.

We seek to be true to the idea that we are in the world, but not of it. We are human beings with challenges and problems innate to the human condition, but primarily we are spiritual beings. Inner Journey encourages the individual to discover his or her spiritual nature and to live from this dimension of life. Our purpose is not to improve our earthly condition, although this may occur, but to serve God and humanity by living as the spiritual beings we truly are.

How is Inner Journey supported?
Inner Journey is a not-for-profit organization conceived for the common good. All our services are available on a love offering basis. We practice prosperity principles and greatly appreciate your willingness to prayerfully and financially support the ongoing work of Inner Journey. Books and CDs are also available at reasonable prices.

As we serve we grow, and if this “house” is to be built, God must be the master mason.

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