A Time To Make A Choice

Time To Make A Choice

A Short Review

With these blogs I am trying to lay a foundation in thought, attitude and belief that can contribute to the expression of the potential of our democracy. I am also pointing out words and actions that indicate the consciousness of our leadership. For instance, in the last blog, “Knowing When To Celebrate,” I pointed out a prevalent attitude of members of Congress to celebrate what they perceive is a victory for them when, in fact, nothing has been accomplished FOR THE PEOPLE. Once they have accomplished something for us, we can all celebrate together.

Also, in the last blog I shared a fundamental principle established in our Constitution that is required if our form of government is to succeed. Elected members of Congress must be creative individuals willing to collaborate with one another. They must have the unique ability to take the ingredients of all views, including opposing views, and create something new, something that works FOR THE PEOPLE. This guiding principle helps us determine who to vote for and who to encourage to pursue public office.

Choice Time      

 Another fundamental principle for us to grasp even though it is difficult to acknowledge is that our collective consciousness determines who is elected and the laws and policies that are established. The president and members of Congress and the members of the judiciary are effects, not causes. Their attitudes and beliefs can determine the direction of the nation, but first and foremost, they are effects not causes. Therefore, we have a choice to make—do we work in the realm of effects or the realm of causes?

We can whine and condemn and rave and rant and express the worst of who we are, or we can do the work that can actually lead to change. This is a massive undertaking no different from the massive change in consciousness led by Gandhi and Martin Luther King, Jr. Their work was seemingly in the world, but their actions where designed to change attitudes and beliefs. They were at work in the world, but their eye was always on the cause.

What I am trying to share in these blogs is a new way of exercising our responsibility as citizens of the United States. Condemnation and blame and working solely on the level of effects will do little to help our country fulfill the potential embodied in the Constitution. Our work is to provide opportunities for changes in attitude and beliefs. This is a slow, but effective process. In fact, it is the only one that works.

So here is where we are:

  1. We will elect to Congress only those leaders who understand the need for creativity, who have the ability to take opposing views and create something new.
  2. We will elect to Congress only those leaders who understand that they work FOR THE PEOPLE. One sign of comprehension is that the only “win” is FOR THE PEOPLE.
  3. Our primary work is in the realm of cause-the change of attitudes and beliefs. This is slow and challenging work because transformation of a nation takes place person by person and then that collective consciousness I mentioned earlier is transformed. We may walk in the streets, sit down and refuse to get up, write letters, sign petitions and talk to our leaders, but we know where the work must be done if our country is to fulfill the vision of the Constitution—in the ream of cause.

So it is time to choose: effect or cause? As always we the people are the ones who guide and direct our country.

Please let me know your thoughts on these matters.


  1. Jim, you have hit the nail on the head. Unfortunately we have become so polarized, there is so much “fake news”, that it is breeding the hostility and violence in our world today! A Course in Miracles talks about everything is either Love or Fear, and fear is really a cry for love. I support your effort to get at the root of the problem, not just joining one side or the other in bashing the other side. What if we all prayed for Peace for our President and all members of congress! Can you see yourself doing that? Can you see the Christ in all the members of congress that you do not agree with? Can you pray for our President, regardless of your political views? This is what it comes down to. Being able to see the Christ in everyone regardless of their actions. If we believe pray works, why not put it to the test! Then when the next election cycle comes in 2018 do the due diligence and find out where the candidates stand on issues and how willing are they in being creative and developing compromising solutions. It is time for everyone to be pro-active, pray for our representatives, and support creative ideas and people!

  2. It seems like a huge mountain to climb, but thanks for adding your rock for the the ripple effect. I hope you and Nancy are thoroughly enjoying your trip and your time!

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