A Recent Revelation


A Recent Revelation was my first book. Originally, it appeared as a highly popular series of articles in Unity Magazine. At the conclusion of the series, Tom Witherspoon, Unity’s chief editor, said he thought the articles could become a book, but that additional chapters or articles would need to be written. I wrote four more chapters and, although they never appeared in Unity Magazine, they became an integral part of A Recent Revelation.

Spirited discussions about the book focused on its format and content. In each chapter, Jesus speaks to the human family about a different topic. Obviously, it is presumptuous to speculate on what Jesus might say about matters that are important to humanity.
Secondly, I shared in the book the impact of the “new teachings” on my life. Some are just as relevant today as they were when I shared them with readers decades ago. May A Recent Revelation rouse you and perhaps even agitate you as it becomes a part of your spiritual journey. It served this purpose for many people decades ago. May it do the same work again today.

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