Dangerous to the Nation

The Axe Is Upon The Roots

The most dangerous American security issue is not what you think. There are foreign “enemies” (North Korea’s nuclear program comes to mind) and domestic “enemies” (White supremacist are apparent), but the axe that falls on the roots of a republic is often wielded by those closest to the roots.

When you consider the challenges of your life, isn’t it true that before any problem can be solved, you must acknowledge there is a problem? My father died because he would not acknowledge and face a medical problem. The greatest anguish I felt as a minister was when I could not help those who would not acknowledge or assume responsibility for their challenges.

Two Grave Problems

There are two grave problems in the White House. The first is the attitude of the president who will not acknowledge Russian threats to our democratic processes in the past presidential election, the ongoing threats that pound us nearly every day and the anticipated actions of cyber attacks in the future. A president with self-imposed blinders is the gravest of threat to the nation. He staggers because he cannot see; he does not want to see: and therefore he dampens and slows the response of our agencies and institutions and their dedicated workers who took an oath to protect the country. He refuses to impose sanctions on Russia passed overwhelmingly by the Congress.

Oddly, the second gravest problem is likewise in the White House—unsecured workers handling the most sensitive documents and information collected by our nation. It is beyond belief that a retired Marine general serving as the president’s chief of staff would allow people unable to obtain the appropriate security clearance to handle such documents and information.

When I was in the Navy my clearance was one step above Top Secret. And when I first joined my fleet squadron, I was responsible for the confidential, secret and top secret, etc. papers transmitted to the squadron. I know how important the information can be. Whenever a sensitive communication came in, I took it to my Commanding Officer, and when he was done reading it, I locked it in a secure location.

Dear friends, there are some grave security issues facing our country. Many are beyond my scope and yours to be aware of or to even understand, but the two concerns voiced above are not beyond us. They are the axes being laid against the roots of the republic, and it cannot be allowed to continue. Those who would allow it are the greatest threat to our nation.



  1. Again, Your descriptive phrase ”axe to our roots”.. gives view to the saddest truth of the nation.

    There is No basic Principles guiding, Nor any core values operating in the majority of congress that IS in the majority.

    Those few who do have the ability to think for themselves, to draw independent conclusions, to express dissent when common sense indicates the looming of this large Wrong. Even ‘they’ either will not, Or do not know the roads to making any breakthroughs in this malevolent government. Even those who understand historical facts, know how to separate truth from the most consistent lies in all of time, they can not affect the coercion of those wielding the Axe.

    How many of us will it take to Become the majority. Can this malice in government ever be turned back around to deliver “Good Will” for we 98.7% of Americans ?

    Personally, all I can do is hold on to the health of my personal mind, body and spirit. Even that is not a simple matter. For seven decades of personal optimism to be jolted into skepticism, is undoubtedly a regrettable position.

    My strategy to make it through, can only be to Travel in the Company of those that Acknowledge this most difficult truth… stand behind and close to persons who are consistent in caring ~ that somehow we Can get through this and come out on the other side of this current wh and congress, with Our Roots repaired. Restored to some level of morality, ethical standards and prosperity.

    And keep talking. Let’s not allow this issue to be muted. Let’s loving recruit more able-minded individuals until WE become the Majority.

  2. As long as the powers that Be allow a maniac to be president and ignore or condone bizarre threats and obvious breaches of trust and common sense we are pretty much powerless. There sits in our
    White House a man as President who probably isn’t even a legal sitting president and does not qualify to have this position while elected officials do nothing tells me there’s something going on beyond what we know. Far to many people in authority are tolerant of this and keep quite. So sorry but it doesn’t take too many smarts to figure out this is probably not even a political matter it’s treason at best. My guess is that Mr. Putin is schooling some folks in how to overthrow a government. And I will never vote for a Republican again. I smell a rat. Something is very wrong!!! There is too much going on that is not explainable.

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