Jim Rosemergy is a spiritual seeker and explorer of the mystical life.

Jim Rosemergy

Jim Rosemergy

His focus is conscious oneness with the One, a perpetual practice of the presence of God.

He is the author of more than a dozen books about the spiritual journey, and he is a very popular speaker at churches and spiritual centers across the U.S.

He is a contributing author to New Thought for a New Millennium and has been a regular columnist for Unity Magazine. He has created many audio programs, including a four-meditation series titled God, My Friend, and teacher’s guides for two of his books, Even Mystics Have Bills to Pay and The Third Coming. Jim is the senior minister emeritus at Unity of Fort Myers, FL. Learn more

New Books from Jim Rosemergy!

The Seeker: A Boy In Search Of His Name

The SeekerOrder now from Lulu.com

The Seeker: A Boy In Search Of His Name is an epic journey of self-discovery set in Israel during Jesus’ time.

The reader joins the journey 12 years after the seeker’s tragic birth, when his mother dies in childbirth and his grief-stricken father refuses to hold his son and flees into the desert to die.

The boy is given the name, Bakbakkar, by the mysterious Keeper of Names. Bakbakkar, the seeker, is raised by his uncle and aunt. Their son, Jared, becomes his best friend, but their sibling rivalry erupts in near death and betrayal. Bakbakkar is cast out. At the Riiver Jordan the boy receives his new name and discovers an ability he never knew he had.

He is then faced with a choice. Does he return to the desert with his father, go to Jerusalem and become the son of the woman who supported him before his epic journey began, or return from exile to his aunt, uncle and cousin, Jared? Only a boy willing to fully embrace his new name can find his way home.

How To Be A Wick In God’s Candle

How To Be A Wick In God’s CandleOrder now from Lulu.com

How To Be A Wick In God’s Candle was written to help caring, compassionate people who believe in the power of prayer. For thousands of years we have prayed for one another. The march of progress through science has touched nearly every area of human experience; however, we tend to pray for one another as we have for thousands of years. We ask God to act.

The final section of the book contains exercises and questions to help the reader make the foundation principles of how to be a wick in God’s candle become deeply rooted in the soul. Imagine a world where people are committed to being wicks in God’s candle. Perhaps this would be our prayer: United with the human family and living in conscious oneness with God, I am a wick in God’s candle radiating light to the world. In this moment, the wicks of the world unite and earth is ablaze with God’s goodness and light.

New Updated Edition! Living the Mystical Life Today

Living the Mystical Life TodayOrder Living the Mystical Life Today

Living the Mystical Life Today is a call to people who yearn to live consciously, to live ordinary lives made extraordinary because they are aware of the presence of God in which they live and move and have their being. Imagine facing the challenges of life by following six practical steps rooted in the mystical tradition.

Living the Mystical Life Today can be read in a few hours, but it is a companion for a lifetime.

Newly Released! The Watcher in paperback

Order The WatcherThe Watcher
Every page of The Watcher invites the reader into a world of reflection and contemplation that can lead to spiritual awakening.

As the Watcher, a woman made blind so she might see, speaks the message she is called to speak, the reader discovers truths that support our closer walk with God.

She teaches us the language of the heart. She speaks to soldiers before battle, a woman who has just given birth, a banker, a prisoner, two doctors, a farmer, a professor, a man afraid to die and more. In each instance, the wisdom shared is wisdom for the ages, insights that support our spiritual journey. Listen carefully and perhaps you will hear the Watcher speaking to you.

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