Knowing When To Celebrate


The Strange Collaboration of Spirituality and Politics

 Knowing When To Celebrate

When I first introduced the idea of a blog entitled, FOR THE PEOPLE, I gave an example of the one of the areas we would explore. I contemplated the consciousness of the founding fathers of our country and the creators of our Constitution. They created a new form of government. Undoubtedly, they brought with them varied opinions, strong opinions, but eventually they created something new.

Their process wasn’t compromise; it was something greater—it was creativity. In fact, I believe that what the founding fathers created, the Constitution, demands ongoing creativity. It calls for the American people to elect members to Congress who can mold varied and, in some instances opposing viewpoints, into something new. Our government does not work without creativity.

One of the challenges in America today is that many of the elected members of Congress are unwilling to accept their responsibility to follow in the footsteps of the founding fathers and to be creators. Opinions—that’s all they are—are considered gospel, some kind of canon never to be altered. One party tries to dominate another and fulfill their agenda even though the structure of our three branches of government calls for differing viewpoints to be molded into something new FOR THE PEOPLE.

I am convinced that one of my over 5000 Facebook friends can help with what I am about to propose. We need to become aware not only of each member of Congress’ voting record, (this is readily available) but to be aware of our creators. Who has co-sponsored bills with members of their own party? Who has reached across the aisle and co-sponsored a bill(s) with a member of the other party? What are the parameters that enable the voting public to determine who can uphold and protect the integrity of the Constitution?

Dear friends, we need to identify the creators who understand this vital foundation principle of the Constitution. These creators are to be re-elected. Those who fail to uphold this aspect of the Constitution do not deserve our vote. It is in our hands. It is always in our hands.

One final thought about celebration and when it is appropriate… Recently the House of Representative passed legislation to alter the Affordable Care Act. A win, a victory was proclaimed. A win for whom? A victory for whom? There was a celebration, and yet nothing had come into being FOR THE PEOPLE. No law was passed. The celebration was not FOR THE PEOPLE of the United States. The members of Congress celebrated themselves.

You see, when you assume the mantel of a member of Congress, it is paramount that you know when to celebrate. You celebrate only when something has been accomplished FOR THE PEOPLE.

So I ask, “Is there anyone reading this blog who has the skills to compile a record of members of Congress who are creators and those who are not. Such a document would certainly guide me in my responsibility to vote to uphold and protect a vital founding principle of the Constitution—creativity.

May the consciousness expressed in this the first official blog of FOR THE PEOPLE be a guiding ideal in the coming days.





The Strange Collaboration of Spirituality and Politics

An Introduction

And so we begin… Over and over again, I asked myself whether I should write a “political” blog. For several months I have felt an internal push to speak out about the state of our country. Politics, as you know, is certainly not my field of expertise, but it is evident that our political system is struggling and currently ineffective. I, like you, have heard numerous people say that our government is not working.

So I asked myself, “Can I help?” We shall see. For over 40 years I have challenged myself and others to put spiritual principles to the test, to apply them when the diagnosis was cancer, when the marriage ended or when a child died. Spiritual principles have been called into action when people faced depression, guilt, regret, alcohol and drug abuse, and loss of employment and esteem. In many instances, there was transformation. The growth I witnessed was and is the joy of my life.

And so I wonder…can these same principles be applied to politics? The answer is yes, for if spiritual principles cannot be brought to bear on this area central to human existence, then they are not truly universal laws and principles.

Friends Forever

They say there are two things you should never discuss with your friends if you want them to remain friends—religion and politics. Well I am going to take a chance although our exploration will not be of religion and politics; our consideration will be spirituality and politics. In fact, I foresee a strange collaboration between these two charged aspects of human experience. Perhaps the results of the collaboration will guide our attitudes and actions in the coming days, months and years.

I am already discovering that some people are anticipating that the blog will be too political, and others anticipate it will not be political enough. Remember, politics is not my field of expertise, but spirituality is at the heart of my life, and I do believe that people are capable of applying life principles to all areas of human endeavor, including politics. We shall see.

One thing is assured; what I will write will be a call for the citizens of the nation to unite and to act. Our system of government is a democracy. Democracies always call for the participation of their citizens. Central to our system of governance is not the president, the members of Congress or the judicial branch established by the Constitution. We are the center of the wheel. Until we understand this, we will continue to hear, “The government is not working.” I long for the day when that statement will be a distant echo.

So get ready, dear friends, we have work to do!

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